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New Renderings Revealed for Long-Awaited Bryant Park Hotel

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Despite initially putting forward "the most boring rendering ever," the developers behind the hotel under construction at 20 West 40th Street near Bryant Park have revealed some new details on the long-awaited project, including some updated renderings.

HFZ Capital Group's project will rise 32 stories and include a five-star hotel, restaurant and bar, and residential condos. The new rendering by architecture firm Stonehill & Taylor is a bit of a departure from previous, outdated designs, which were put forward by Spivak Architects and Morris Adjmi Architects, dating back to 2007 when the plans were first approved by city agencies. Since then, the project has spent a few years in limbo, but construction officially began last summer.

[Previous rendering by Morris Adjmi Architects]

[Previous rendering by Spivak Architects]

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