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ABC No Rio Plans to Start Work on New Ecotastic Home in 2015

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It's been about five years since Lower East Side community arts center ABC No Rio announced that it was looking to replace the tenement that it bought from the city for $1 in 2006 with a brand-spankin'-new multi-million dollar passive house facility. News on the development front has been quite for the past several years as the organization collected bids, but ABC No Rio director Steve Englander spoke out about the process over the weekend, Bowery Boogie reports. The update is this: bids for the project have come in much higher than anticipated, so the collective is appealing to the masses ("Contribute $250 or more to ABC No Rio and receive Jade Doskow's special limited-edition photograph of the ABC No Rio Printshop!") to get the job done. In addition to collecting outside funds, the new facility's development has been handed over to the Economic Development Corporation. The project will go to bid again and prepare for the first phase of construction in spring 2015.
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