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Sunset Park Board Doesn't Want Huge Eighth Avenue Project

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As it goes with giant, neighborhood-changing developments, the community board of Sunset Park is not okay with the proposal to build apartment towers, shops, and offices on a vacant Eighth Avenue site at 62nd Street. Brooklyn Daily reports that the board rejected the developers request to renew a special permit for the site that allows for an 11-story apartment tower and a Home Depot. The permit was originally approved in 2007, and the new owners want to expand on the plans by adding two more towers, a hotel, and more retail, all designed by architect Raymond Chan. The lot is about the size of three football fields, and if Chan's proposal gets through the City Planning Commission, it will hold a 10-story, 150-room hotel, two 15-story residential towers with some 350 apartments between them, and a 17-story office tower, all connected by a three-story retail base. But the board thinks that is way too much.

Regardless of the community board's decision, City Planning can still renew the permit, but the board argues that hundreds of new apartments and residents would "snarl traffic and clog overburdened subways." A lawyer for the developer said any development on the site would be beneficial, pointing out that "right now, it's a hole in the ground, and it's been a hole in the ground since the '60s or '70s."

Chan has not yet filed new plans with the city because he's wants to renew the old permit first, even though he has no intention of building what it calls for. The Brooklyn Daily previously reported that Chan thinks not letting the old permit lapse "will make it easier for him to secure an even larger one when he files the actual plans." The development would certainly be unprecedented for the area, as the tallest buildings around top out around eight stories.
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