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Doomed Park Lane Hotel's Revamp Will Include Condos on Top

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This post has been amended to include corrections and statements from the developer of the Park Lane Hotel. Please see below.

Since Community Board 5's unanimous decision to not grant the Emory Roth & Sons-designed Park Lane Hotel landmark status in the wake of its $660 million acquisition by Steven Witkoff, the 43-year-old building's fate has pretty much been sealed. It was certain to a point that Witkoff along with collaborating developer Macklowe would raze or redevelop the building, but now that becomes more certain as YIMBY reports architect Richard Rogers has been brought on to helm the project. UPDATE: A representative for Witkoff says that no plans have been set for the Park Lane's redevelopment, and that currently it is still an operational hotel.

Firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners' new design for the Central Park South site will house a hotel at its base with condos on top. UPDATE: The Witkoff rep emphasizes that no architect has been chose and no plans for the hotel have been decided.

Because no permits have been filed, it's unclear whether the Park Lane Hotel will ultimately be razed in its entirety, or reconfigured. Unlike the 370,000-square-foot building that stands now, because of zoning restrictions for the parcel any new construction that could replace or the existing hotel would only be able to grow to two-thirds of that square footage.
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