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One of Wall Street's 'Biggest Party Animals' Lists Designer Pad

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Finance dude Larry Creel is a partner and portfolio manager at a fancy investment firm. According to the ever-reliable Business Insider, he is also one of Wall Street's biggest party animals—at least he was in 2011. The next year, in May of 2012, he picked up a Fifth Avenue maisonette in a ritzy building best known for containing part of heiress Huguette Clark's real estate empire. He paid $3.5 million for the 3BR/3.5BA unit, whose listing exhorted prospective buyers to bring their architects. And bring one Creel did, tapping famed French interior designer Jean Louis Deniot to turn the Upper East Side apartment into a wonderland of coffered ceilings, wacky light fixtures, and display areas for an expansive art collection. (Deniot is apparently an expert at this kind of transformation.) Not even three years later, Creel is bent on flipping the place, asking $6.5 million.

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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021