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$900/Month Room in Williamsburg Seems a Bit Cramped

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If you are in the market for a cheap-ish living situation in Brooklyn and under, oh, let's say, two feet tall, then this 100-square-foot room in a ground-floor two-bedroom, going for $900/month, could be perfect. Actually, "room," might be a bit of an overstatement. This is more along the lines of the kind of place that Harry Potter's step parents would have forced him to sleep if they'd lived off the L train. It comes "slightly furnished with closet" (the closet does not make an appearance in any of the photos—it's possible that that should say "slightly furnished closet") and a poster that reads, appropriately, "NIGHTMARE." "The pics pretty much tell you the rest," the listing notes, not inaccurately.

The lister is also looking for "a respectful tenant(s)." You know, in case you want to live in this room with another person.

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