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Big Reveal: $995,000 For a One-Bedroom on Sutton Place

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Guesses tended to be low for this week's Pricespotter, a one-bedroom un-renovated co-op on Sutton Place, which either means commenters weren't taken with it, or it's asking too much—or both. With guesses ranging from $595,000 to $1.495 million, the correct price falls nearly smack dab in the middle at $995,000. Comments about the pad ran the gamut, too. "If Barbara Walters wasn't Barbara Walters she would have lived here," writes Countess LuAnne of the apartment's homey decor. On the other pole is commenter portnoys complaint who writes, "I like this place. The windows show street exposure. The bathroom is convenient both to guests and residents. The dining area is small but separate and functional; the kitchen dated but well laid-out. Unless the bathroom is a horror, any improvements can be done at your own pace."

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