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This Bayside Building Just Won an Award for... Something

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The borough of Queens has been named the number one tourist destination for 2015 by Lonely Planet, and, right on cue, The Queens Chamber of Commerce named the structure pictured above the winner in the "New Construction: Commercial" category at its 99th annual Building Awards. This is just a very good paragraph from the Queens Courier:

In terms of new construction, the modern, glassy, three-story commercial building by K.O.H. Architecture at 215-15 Northern Blvd. in Bayside was among the winners. The building is home to a Tiger Schulmann, a Pizza Hut and a day care. It's unclear what the criteria was for the award (the Courier says that the awards "recogniz[e] architecture and design of new buildings around the borough"), but it was presumably not given ironically. Enjoy it, future tourists.
· Queens Chamber celebrates winners of annual building awards [Queens Courier, via Queens Crap]