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Shvo's Sexy Black West Chelsea Condos, Semi-Revealed!

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Because what's architecture without a little sex appeal, the next building to rise in the High Line corridor will be full of it. Designed by Peter Marino, aka "the leather daddy of luxury," The Getty at 239 Tenth Avenue will be a 12-story, eight-apartment black bronze-strapped glowing box, if last week's partial reveal at Design Miami alongside developer Michael Shvo is accurate. Shvo picked up the former gas station lot at the corner of 24th Street and Tenth Avenue in 2013 for a record-breaking $855-per-square-foot. The developer has long been planning a building made for art collectors, and the details that the duo shared of the project at an Architectural Digest panel in Miami stay true to that.

The property will have "eight unique homes" over 12 floors, meaning they'll be big and that at least a few will be duplexes. Marino also told the audience that he and Shvo "have six artists under consideration for various aspects of the project" like fireplaces, the lobby, and the door design. Currently, Marino's minions are running around Italy trying to select a different stone for each bathroom in the building. Despite that nitpicking level of attention to detail, the duo seem to be making progress, with Shvo revealing that The Getty will be complete in about 18 months.
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