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A Rem Koolhaas-Designed Theater; Miami Gets Citi Bike

The latest from our enviably temperate sister site, Curbed Miami...

1) Palm Island: Even though it's been on the market for a year, listed at $7.5 million with nary a price adjustment in sight, this historic Mediterranean Revival on the east side of Palm Island is a beaut. A highlight is what looks (from listing photos) to be the former garage, converted into a raw and very stylish guest cottage.

2) Mid Beach: Rem Koolhaas is designing a multi-level, multi-purpose theater/arts center for Miami Beach. Renderings and a model make it look very cool.

3) The Urban Core: Miami's bike share network is almost doubling in size on Saturday, as the formerly Miami Beach-only DecoBike gets rebranded as Citi Bike and adds lots of new stations in the urban core of Miami proper.

4) Star Island: Earlier this week, an historic mansion on Miami Beach's Star Island was moved from one side of its property to another so a brand new one could be built in its place. We have plenty of photos of the massive house on wheels, this way.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]