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Bushwick-Inspired Hotel in Bushwick Will Be the Anti-Bushwick

A new hotel planned for Bushwick's Beaver Street just announced itself, and already the borough's satirists are lambasting it.

Case in point: Brokelyn, which calls its vowel-less name—Bkyln House—"meaningless word salad." According to its branding consultant, nearby galleries and street art all combine to provide inspiration marketing fodder for the 119-room establishment, which is located in a new butt-ugly building and slated to open in the spring. And a potential showcase of works by area artists will, perhaps, "draw on whatever creative energy the place has left." With a rooftop bar and locally sourced pastries. Oh, and in true bohemian Bushwickian style (not), rooms will start at $175/night.
· Bushwick-Inspired Hotel Taps Into Area's 'Raw Feeling of Creativity' [DNAinfo]