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This $900,000 Pink House in Brooklyn Is Tackiness Incarnate

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This bubblegum-pink house looks like something out of out of an acid-trip-filled version of Alice in Wonderland. The three-bed, 3.5-bath in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn has sat on the market for about three months now, asking $899,000, and we can see why it got PriceChopped a couple of times in October. Reason 1: Random porthole window. Reason 2: Multiple furnishings covered in garishly colored velour. Reason 3: An eye-numbing black-and-white rec room accompanied by a checkerboard floor, cowhide-print decor, and a zebra statuette. No doubt the Murano glass backsplash in the kitchen and the fact that it's "fully alarmed with cameras that you can watch from your iPhone" aren't doing much to woo buyers. The brokerbabble calls it a "very unique property," which just might be the understatement of 2014.

· Listing: 203 Avenue Z [Fillmore via StreetEasy]
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