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One Beacon Court Penthouse Is Now Asking Only $82 Million

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Desperate times call for desperate measures over at embattled hedge funder Steven A. Cohen's apartment. The 9,000-square-foot One Beacon Court penthouse appeared on the market in April 2013 for $115 million and has apparently failed to impress after a series of scaled price cuts, the most recent of which brings the ask down to a still-staggering $82 million. Along with the chop comes a restaging, which is probably a good thing considering the immense, bizarre art collection Cohen owns—including a Damien Hirst work involving a real tiger shark and some formaldehyde—that has made appearances in old listings. In May, a source told the Post that the hedge funder is "furious" the apartment remains unsold. Apparently the nine-times-over billionaire doesn't understand why no one wants to buy this place. Maybe it'll take another pricechop for him to figure it out.

Despite the pricechop, the apartment still makes the list of the 25 most expensive apartments on the market right now.
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One Beacon Court

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