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Water Taxi Amends Service; Times Square's Glowing Heart

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THE WATERWAYS—New York Water Taxi is finally embracing its destiny as a viable and efficient transportation method and, as of tomorrow, will allow riders to travel point-to-point. The pass will cost $9 per stop and the new service will "enable New Yorkers and visitors to more easily access Red Hook and improve transportation options for neighborhood residents." [CurbedWire inbox; official]

TIMES SQUARE—The Times Square Alliance along with the Architectural League of New York have announced the winner of the 2015 Times Square Valentine Heart Design, a contest that invites makers to submit their plans for a romantically-themed piece of public art to be displayed in Times Square. The Brooklyn-based firm Stereotank took the distinction this year with their design for their interactive, heart-shaped sculpture that glows to the rhythm of a base heartbeat which changes its frequency as visitors go toward or away from the installation. The sculpture will also be embedded with different percussion instruments that the audience can use to engage with the sculpture. The installation will be on display from February 9 through March 8, and will perhaps be the one thing that can bring fleeting joy to the claustrophobic corridor. [CurbedWire inbox]