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Old Gowanus Printing Plant to Become 162-Room Hotel

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Yet another new hotel is in the works for Gowanus, but this one sounds like it will be a tad more interesting than the rest, as it's giving new life to an old industrial building at the end of the canal. Developer Sam Boymelgreen (son of the infamous Shaya Boymelgreen) leased the 96,000-square-foot warehouse at 255 Butler Street last year, and since May, he's been plugging away at the site, stripping the building of its innards. Now, he has officially filed plans for a conversion and addition (h/t DNAinfo) that will turn the four-story structure into a seven-story, 162-room hotel that will overlook the Superfund waterway.

According to permits filed with the Department of Buildings, the ground floor will have a restaurant and coffee shop, and the second floor will hold 41 rooms, as well as a green house and "garden walkway." The third and fourth floors will each have 41 rooms, too. The new fifth story will hold just seven rooms, plus a "spa pool," multiple terraces, and another restaurant, and the sixth and seventh floors will have 16 rooms a piece.

Boymelgreen doesn't have a lot of projects to his name (most are his pop's), so it's hard to say whether this will be a nice-looking, successful project, but it certainly has a lot of potential. His most recent development was a rental building called the Kestrel at 33 Caton Place in Kensington. It's nice enough, but it saw some rough times and managed to piss off the neighbors during construction.
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