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The High Line's Next Giant Rental Building Gets a New Look

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At the very point where the High Line (experiencing a crazy development boom) meets Hudson Yards (which is, fancy that, also experiencing a development boom), Related is building a new rental tower. On the south side of West 30th Street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, No. 520 overlooks the elevated park's brand-new third phase and the office tower rising at 10 Hudson Yards. The new-construction cheerleaders over at New York YIMBY got ahold of the first official rendering for the 174 rentals contained within 28 stories, which is currently posted on the construction site.

Before, we only had peeks of the Ismael-Leyva designed building via renderings of Hudson Yards as a whole. The building's updated look maintains an industrial feel with its brick-and-glass facade, but the windows are much more vertical and the whole thing is symmetrical and rectangular. Guess the mismatched windows and slightly irregular topper were just too out there for Related. Knowing Leyva, though, he definitely toned it down. This is not another skinny, curvy 19 Park Place, but rather an appropriate complement to Related's newly opened rental Abington House, located just east on 30th Street.
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