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Just Look at the Private Pools At Extell's 'Poor Door' Building

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Now that One Riverside Park has reached the 85-percent sold mark nearly a year after its launch, the building is celebrating by releasing its "Premium Residences"—the ones owners definitely won't be using the building's poor door to access. Also known as the Tower Townhouses, the apartments represent the upper echelon of One Riverside Park's offerings (and, by default, its inhabitants); the seven-bedroom duplexes are both roughly 6,000-square-feet and have 29- by 12-foot in-ground private pools. Although the $25.75 million 21/22B has been on the market for about a month, the announcement comes with a flock of new, rather pointed renderings.

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40 Riverside Boulevard

40 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069