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Someone Please Just Buy the Blue Moon Hotel Already

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Clearly the Blue Moon Hotel on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side is trying to sit on the market for a decade. Why else would the establishment, which first listed in 2005, up its asking price, yet again? Bowery Boogie spotted the latest listing for the 22-room hotel, and it's now asking $21 million. Let's recall the building's journey to this point.

October 2004: The hotel comes into our lives, via plans to convert the existing tenement building.

February 2005: It still hasn't opened.

May 2005: The hotel is still not open. It's put on the market for $20 million as a "prime opportunity for a hotel user they can also use it for selling time-shares, or turn it into a condo hotel."

July 2006: Still on the market, still wants $20 million.

September 2009: It's still on the market, and inexplicably, the asking price has been raised to a whopping $35 million. But hey, it's actually open now.
July 2011: The price is cut to $29 million.

August 2011: The hotel is appraised at $10 million.

May 2012: The price is cut again, this time to $19.5 million.

September 2012: One more chop brings the price to $16.5 million. Are they getting desperate?

August 2013: Oh wait, just kidding. The price is raised to $19 million.

August 2014: The hotel re-lists, still wants $19 million.

December 2014: The price is now $21 million. Because why the hell not.
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