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First Look at Pacific Park's SHoP-Designed Affordable Building

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A new rendering for Pacific Park's residential building at 30 Sixth Avenue has appeared on the development's revamped website. First spotted by Brownstoner, the rendering depicts the boxy 23-story building that will have 300 apartments, all of which will be priced affordable for low-, middle-, and moderate income tenants. The base of the building will house Pacific Park's health care center and ground-floor retail. The building will also have a subterranean parking garage. The SHoP-designed structure will rise adjacent to Barclays Center between Pacific and Dean streets. Construction is slated to begin in the spring.

Despite all the setbacks with other Pacific Park sites—we're looking at you, B2—construction has just kicked off at 535 Carlton Avenue. Although permits have yet to be filed for 30 Sixth Avenue, the developers' promise to deliver 2,250 units of housing before 2025 without consequence of fine seems to be lighting a little fire under their behinds.
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