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The Saddest Building in Brooklyn Has Been Stalled for a Decade

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No doubt about it, 55 Eckford Street, at the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border, is the saddest building in Brooklyn. Permits were first filed for the 12-story structure, which will tower among its neighboring houses, back in 2004. The frame made it six stories up by 2005, when the developer ran out of money, and it's been stalled there every since. Textbook case of arrested development? Yes, and the Times is on it. The Appraisal lays out the history and status of the nearly 10-year-old eyesore, observing garbage and the felines that eat it. Naturally, neighbors are not thrilled about the decrepit, partially complete entity in their midst, which will eventually be twice as big. One perk? Free parking!

Yeah, it's not that attractive, right? Well, after getting extensions on permits multiple times—because rezoning of the area years ago means a building like this is too tall to pass muster these days—a new development group is in charge as of last year. And it plans to finish what was started a decade ago. (There's no stop-work order on it right now, in any case.) Said a broker in the know: "It's going to have height no one else can have, with killer views of Manhattan and McCarren Park."

The neighbors, of course, can't wait. No parking and and an ugly, taller-than-everything-else building? Win-win.
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55 Eckford Street

55 Eckford Street, Brooklyn, NY