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Rebranded East Village Condo Development Looks...Cool?

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"Anyone that buys an apartment in this building will be officially declaring they have no taste," one Curbed commenter opined when the first rendering of boutique condo development 277 East 7th Street was revealed back in August. Two months ago, those apartments hit the market. As of today, zero of them have sold, and developer Steve Ferguson has taken the listings off the hands of Urban Compass and handed the reins to Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant, who is taking the campaign in something of a different direction. While the previous marketing materials (clumsily) touted the East Village's history—"The result is a contextually and thoughtfully designed newcomer to the heart of the East Village's vibrant and diverse neighborhood, best known as the birthplace of the Beat Generation poets, experimental theater..."—the new ones highlight its theoretically hip present, with a drawing of a shirtless man on a bike with the building's address tattooed on his shaven back.

The building, renamed Seven East Village, will re-kick off sales in January "with a high-profile launch party," where a Vespa will be auctioned off. There will also be an in-building bike share program. So cool.
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