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Two Towers By ODA Planned For the Williamsburg Waterfront

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Spitzer Enterprises has filed plans for a new residential development on the Williamsburg waterfront (h/t YIMBY). The former Kedem Winery lot at Kent Avenue and South 8th Street has been in play as a development site since at least 2006, when former owner Rector Hylan won a zoning variance to build an 18-story and 24-story tower that went unrecognized. Hylan sought to renew the variance this June before selling the site to Spitzer for $165 million. The developer's new plans, gleaned through the permits, include two residential buildings: an 18-story tower with 179 apartments and a 22-story tower with 270 apartments. ODA will design the buildings, meaning there's a nine out of ten chance they'll actually just be stacked boxes.
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