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This Crown Heights Townhouse Just Sold for Nearly $3M

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Are you ready for some completely bananas news? Someone paid $2.9 million for a Crown Heights mansion at 672 Saint Marks Avenue (between Rogers and Nostrand Avenues, so this is squarely Crown Heights, not "ProCro"). Yes, $2.9 million. Just shy of $3 million. For a home in Crown Heights that is not even in pristine condition. BK to the Fullest reported the sale, which has yet to hit public records, but it will top the neighborhood record by nearly $800,000. The house is currently divided into five units, and it needs work. It measures 27 feet wide and 7,500 square feet, and it has a 140-foot-long backyard. The owners bought it for $1.1 million in Sepetmeber 2013, and it was listed for $2.999 million, a price that an area expert called "greedy." As BK to the Fullest says, "Feel free to lose your mind over this pricing."

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