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No One Wants This $7M Fraudster-Owned Gramercy Park Pad

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"Something wrong with 50 Gramercy Park?" a tipster wondered in an email. "Huge price drop, almost unwarranted considering what it sold for originally and how strong the market is right now. Strange to say the least." Indeed, but not probably not that strange, considering the unit is 16A, owned by financier Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, who was found guilty of tax fraud and spent a year in jail. The unit has been on the market since October 2013, and has had a roller coaster price ride. It first list for $8.25M, then jumped to $10.9M, then dropped to $8.9M, then $7.5M, and now, finally, $6.9M. It seems like everyone involved has given up caring about the price or the apartment, as the brokerbabble still says "New Price: $7,500,000," which hasn't been the price for a month.

The listing has new photos, but our gallery here includes the old photos as well. The places seems to have been emptied out a bit, so maybe Jóhannesson packed up, or perhaps he's selling off his belongings to continue to make up for his financial misdeeds.

Jóhannesson and his wife originally owned two units in the building; the penthouse, where they live, and this unit, which they rented to Donald Trump associate Paolo Zampolli, who eventually sued them for, among other things, installing Ikea furniture and dropping chewed up chicken wings from the penthouse onto the terrace below. After Jóhannesson's conviction, he was forced to sell the penthouse, and now he's getting pretty desperate in his attempts to sell of this unit, too.

For what it's worth, the Ikea furniture is long gone, and it comes with a key to Gramercy Park.
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