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What If the Lost Bancroft Building Gave Rise to This Tower?

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The beloved Bancroft Building of West 29th Street is being razed at the behest of HFZ Capital, who not only owns the handsome 19th-century office building at no. 3 but also no. 11 and the adjacent 8-16 West 30th Street. Although HFZ hasn't come forward with their plans for the swath of prime Nomad land—if only it was in fear of preservationist retaliation—that doesn't mean other people aren't thinking about its future use. YIMBY gleaned a vision for the site by architecture firm FR-EE, who has designed a 400,000-square-foot mixed-use building with a hotel and "a selection of curated upscale restaurants and shops" on its lower floors and condos above. According to YIMBY, the tower is about 55-stories tall, which would make it one of the largest in the neighborhood.

Whether or not HFZ could construct a building of this size isn't certain, but with a mass of land (and most likely air rights) so large, it seems feasible.
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