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'West Bedford' Isn't a Neighborhood; Oosten 25-Percent Sold

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WILLIAMSBURG—A tipster has sent along word and a simple sentiment ("Barf.") regarding new Twitter account @WestBedfordNYC, which is devoted to renaming the area of Williamsburg between McCarren Park, Broadway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the East River from Williamsburg to "West Bedford." Listen, stop trying to make Heights Park LoDel RAMBO West Bedford happen; it's not going to happen. Besides, the only thing they post are retweets of planned large developments in the (already existing) neighborhood. [CurbedWire inbox; official]

WILLIAMSBURG, TOO—The Oosten, the Piet Boon-designed 216-apartment building that occupies the block between Wythe and Kent avenues and South 8th and South 9th streets, is now 25-percent sold. 77 of the apartments in the XIN-developed building came to market two months ago with asks starting at $710,000 and ranging to $3.635 million. Of those 77 apartments, 55 are sold. Of the total 216 apartments, four are penthouses and 15 are townhouses. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]