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Gramercy Park Is Now on Google Maps, Thanks to Airbnb

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Gramercy Park, a perfectly nice park, is one those places that's interesting primarily because of how difficult it is to get into. In order to gain entrance you need to have one of the 383 keys that are issued to owners of apartments that border the park, members of the park-bordering National Arts Club or Players Club, and, temporarily, to guests of the Gramercy Park Hotel. Or, as of recently, you can just go on Google Maps.

Pittsburgh resident Shawn Christopher was Airbnbing a Gramercy Park apartment on his honeymoon this May and had access to one of the keys, which he used to take three 360-degree panoramas on his iPhone. Unaware that such behavior is expressly forbidden by Gramercy Park Block Association president/lady who definitely would not let you sit at her junior high school lunch table Arlene Harrison, who claims to turn down two or three requests per day to take pictures inside the park, Christopher went on to upload the images to Google where they can now be enjoyed by just anyone. Harrison, for her part, claims not to be troubled by the Google Mapping, but is very concerned about the lowly Airbnbing. "People here, that's just not who they are," she told the Times.

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