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This Crazy Cantilevered Condo May Soon Come to Hudson Sq

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[Pics via FR-EE]

Thanks to the 2013 rezoning of Hudson Square, the once-quiet neighborhood is seeing rapid change, and if the renderings found by 6sqft on the Fernando Romero EnterprisE site area any indication, this new development at 535 Greenwich Street could end up being one of the craziest.

The renderings on the site reveal a 26-floor, 116-unit condominium, on an L-shaped lot to be developed by Cape Advisors. And while these designs are not yet confirmed, it reveals an interesting conundrum facing developers in the area; the rezoning set a height limit of 290' along major avenues and 210' on side streets, which explains this design's bonkers use of cantilevers and the fact that it looks like any number of Transformers fighting.

According to the New York Observer, the 57,500-square-foot (plus 42,500-square-feet of buildable air rights) warehouse was bought last spring for $52 million.
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