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Famous Artists Help Fundraise to Fight NYU Expansion

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An $8,000 page from an original Philip Glass score and a $5,000 painting of cats by Gary Indiana are just a few items up for grabs in the latest anti-NYU fundraiser. The opposition is currently appealing a court decision that ruled in favor of New York University's expansion, and the group needs $30,000 to pay for legal fees. The NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan group launched an IndieGoGo campaign with donation options ranging from $200 (which buys a "Large poster of [NYU President] John Sexton as Emperor Nero," pictured here) to $8,000. An organizer with the group told DNAinfo that Glass is a "dedicated backer" of the anti-expansion efforts. Other members of the Famous People Against NYU Club include Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, actor Matthew Broderick, actor Mark Ruffalo, and playwright Kenneth Lonergan. This isn't the first star-studded fundraising campaign that the group has hosted; last year, they held a more elaborate silent auction with 150 items.
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