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Revisit the 14 Most Mindboggling Renderings of the Year

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture and neighborhood universes of New York City! Yep, it's time for the 11th Annual Curbed Awards!

It's not 2008 anymore, Toto. New construction is booming throughout the city; building sales and permit filings are on the up and up, and in consequence more renderings for city-altering structures are appearing on the daily. 2014 brought images for new buildings and interiors depicting the utterly mundane to the absolutely bonkers. Here, we take a look back at 14 of the year's architectural renderings that showed the most promise of vision for a forward-moving city, or at least had great fun with fantastical structures that will likely never be built (but maybe should be.)

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