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51-Story Condo Tower by Rafael Vinoly Planned for NoMad

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As expected, developer Victor Homes will construct a condo tower at 281 Fifth Avenue on the corner of 30th Street, but the tower will be even taller than previously reported. When Victor bought the site in June for $99 million, reports speculated that the developer would likely follow through with the previous owner's (Kushner Real Estate Group) plans for a 40-story, 132,000-square-foot tower. But new information about the project, spotted by New York YIMBY, indicates that the building will be 51 stories and 250,065 square feet. The numbers come from a pitch for investors through the EB-5 program (through EB-5, foreign investors who put at least $500,000 into a project get permanent green cards), which includes a few semi-renderings that show a slender, cantilevering tower with some oddly-placed cutouts. It will be designed by starchitect Rafael Vinoly, who also designed a little building called 432 Park Avenue.

If the renderings look familiar, you might be thinking of this mystery tower (↑) that was rendered in a video back in October. The locations are slightly different—this tower is off of Fifth Avenue and bound by 28th and 29th streets—but the similarities are certainly intriguing.

The project is being developed by Victor Group and the American Immigration Group. No new building permits have been filed for the tower, but demolition permits for the existing building were approved last week.
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