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Cornerspotted: Church of the Good Shepherd in Inwood

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The little snow-covered church pictured in this week's cornerspotter was the former home of Inwood's Chruch of the Good Shephard. Although the Museum of the City of New York identifies the pictured intersection as 207th Street and Broadway, sole guesser REspectator and make a good case for the next corner north, Isham Street and Broadway.

According to MyInwood,

After an intense search, ... Father Daly purchased a large plot of land on Broadway and Isham Street for the sum of $115,000 ... With much excitement, [the national father superior of the Paulist Fathers] Hughes described his plan for the construction of a church, school and monastery to serve the growing urban community, which, just years earlier, had been sparsely populated farmland.

Hughes told a spellbound audience that, within weeks, work would commence on a temporary wooden church, capable of seating some one thousand parishioners The congregation outgrew the small A-frame church by the 1920's and began construction in the 1930's on the church that still serves the congregation today.
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