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Street Architecture Competition; Planned House Asks $17.5M

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THE STREETS—Storefront for Art and Architecture, the New Museum. and the New York City Department of Transportation are calling for submissions "for the design and construction of an outdoor structure—a work of 'Street Architecture' that facilitates new forms of collective gathering and engagement with the city" for the IDEAS CITY 2015 festival in May. The types of submissions they're looking for should be mobile and "suited for hosting daring feats of oratory" in the form of "the Podium, the Mobile Theater, the Speakers Corner, the Megaphone, the Gavel, the Protest Booth, and other tactics supporting interdisciplinary discourse." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

WEST VILLAGE—A West 10th Street carriage house that "requires a complete renovation" but comes with Landmarks Commission-approved plans already in place is asking a hefty $17.5 million, the type of price tag that would normally accompany a house that has already, you know, been built. The renderings are pretty cool, though. [Streeteasy]