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The 16 Most Hideous New York City Apartments of 2014

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture and neighborhood universes of New York City! Yep, it's time for the 11th Annual Curbed Awards!

The decor in this Upper West Side two-bedroom was curated not by a hunter, but by a taxidermy collector, which is almost worse. At least if you're a hunter with a lot of dead animal heads hanging on your walls, you're crudely bragging about something cool (in your mind) that you can do. If you're this guy, you're just a guy who really likes looking at dead animals. Welcome to the 2014 roundup of the year's most tacky, hilarious, and hideous interior design, where gold leaf, strange collections, and overly ambitious projects from the '80s abound. Enjoy them, unless you're currently eating.

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