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The East Village's Newest Gentrifying Rentals Start at $3,999

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The rather notorious and profit-hungry developer Ben "The Sledgehammer" Shaoul has yet another project on the market. This one's a 20-unit rental building on Second Avenue between East 1st and East 2nd streets, and leasing launched about a week ago (h/t to the eagle-eyed EV Grieve). The available apartments, starting at $3,999 for a one-bedroom and going to to $5,640 for a three-bedroom, now have photos with their listings. The best part? The prices match its hyped-up name: The East Luxe. Brokerbabble touts "condo-quality apartment features," including central air, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, white oak flooring, and a washer-dryer in every apartment. There's also an elevator and a "landscaped roofdeck," which tenants can probably take advantage of in May. Oh, and Platinum Properties calls the area "E. Greenwich Village," which not a real place and also just priceless.

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