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Community Boards Continue to Give One Vanderbilt Hard Time

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The role of the community board is merely advisory, but Manhattan Community Boards 5 and 6 are determined to get their two cents in when it comes to planned megatower One Vanderbilt, calling for the main entrance to be moved and for the building to go for LEED Platinum status. To be clear, developer SL Green has no intention of complying with either of these suggestions and it won't have to, but the boards still get to make them because that's what they do. According to the New York Post's Steve Cuozzo, however, the temerity of the community boards to actually advise anything is an affront to the good and decent intentions of megatower developers everywhere, or something like that. "The boards apparently regard a $1 billion project that was years in planning as a Lego toy," Cuozzo fumes, going on to say that they should just be thankful for the Grand Central renovations.
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