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How Much To Tip? This Convenient Calculator Does The Math

Mathematician Spencer Greenberg read Curbed's handy guide to tipping your doorman, super, handyman, et al., and observed the following: "It includes really wide ranges (e.g. $25-$150 for doormen). I was so confused about this that I ended up making a tool to automatically solve the problem of how much to tip, and I thought your audience would find it useful." In fact, it is incredibly, amazingly useful, and here it is. Greenberg answers the age-old first-world question—"How much should you actually tip doormen in New York City for the holidays?"—by asking users for how many staff members they need to tip, how many units there are in the building, how generous you want to be (average, above average, below average), along with a couple of other queries. Then it spits out how much you should give per person, and explains how it arrived at that sum, given an average doorman's salary, the size of the building, etc. Greenberg's mantra is to "optimize everything," and in this case, he definitely did. Happy tipping!
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