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Curbed Cup 2nd Round Results: The Final Four, Revealed!

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After two rounds of voting for the dearly coveted title of neighborhood of the year, we're left with four contenders for the top honor. Our Elite Eight became the Final Four as Long Island City toppled 57th Street, the Financial District beat out Flatiron, Crown Heights crushed Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, and—most surprisingly—No. 16-seed City Island (the Bronx's bizarre nautical enclave) trounced buzzy Tribeca by 241 votes.

FiDi is the highest seed left in this cutthroat competition, while up-and-comers Long Island City and City Island have performed well against hipper 'hoods in their earlier rounds. But will development-crazy Crown Heights win it all? The next match-ups, whose outcome will determine the two finalists, are set for Monday, December 29, and Tuesday, December 30. Anything can happen. Stay tuned, and vote, vote vote.
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