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Super Chintzy Plaza Apartment Wants $15 Million Less Now

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When this three-bedroom apartment at the Plaza first hit the market in August, no one thought it was worth $49.5 million. And apparently the owners have come around, too, seeing as how it re-listed this morning with a revised ask of $35,000,000. That's a 30 percent PriceChop, gifted to prospective buyers this Christmas. Though is it low enough? The third-floor unit is made up of the grand hotel's former state rooms, and every major space has Central Park views, but that wasn't enough to woo commenters, who called it both "very shiny" and "dark & gloomy." Said another: "Glitz without taste. Vastly overpriced." And, an explanation, about the lower floor and north-facing windows: "No wonder everything is so shiny, it's the only way to get any light into this place."

It's the most expensive unit for sale at the Plaza right now—it's unclear where the $80M listing for Tommy Hilfiger's bonkers duplex went, but there we are. The sellers bought in March 2008 for $13,597,789, so there's room to drop the price further and still profit.

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