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Crown Heights' Franklin Avenue Will Get 200 New Apartments

In May, residential developer Cornell Realty shelled out $14.5 million for some old warehouses and a smokestack in southern Crown Heights. And, as expected, apartments are coming to take over the formerly commercial site at 902 Franklin Avenue, on the corner of Crown Street—it looks like it was a massive linens-washing plant—but the project for which permits have just been filed promises to be bigger than we expected.

As per New York YIMBY, which first spotted the filings, the proposed development contains four seven-story buildings and a total of 209 apartments. YIMBY presumes they will be rentals, with 120 parking spaces beneath. It's designed by everyone's favorite mediocre architect, Karl Fischer.

Crown Heights certainly is booming—and currently dominating the Curbed Cup competition for neighborhood of the year, in no small part because of its proliferation of residential and other developments. Of the zillions of apartments on the way for the area, though, not that many are south of Eastern Parkway, traditionally seen as the dividing line between the hip, trendy Franklin Avenue and, well, the rest of it. And so it begins.
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—Photo by Rachel Holliday Smith/DNAinfo