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Curbed Cup Final Four: (5) Crown Heights vs. (16) City Island

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We're down to the final four in the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. There will be one matchup today and tomorrow, with the polls left open for 24 hours. The final showdown for the prestigious fake trophy will begin Wednesday. Let the eliminations continue!

Crown Heights and City Island both easily sailed through the Elite Eight, but which neighborhood has the power to push through to the finals? Crown Heights is by far the hotter of the two neighborhoods, with rising real estate prices (a house just sold for $2.9M) and dozens of new residential developments, including a few huge projects along the Franklin Avenue corridor. Plus, the popular new Berg'n beer hall opened, and the Brooklyn Flea moved its winter market to 1000 Dean, bringing a lot of new eating and shopping options to the 'hood.

Sleepy City Island didn't see nearly as much action as Crown Heights, but it's clear that some members of the community have launched a Curbed Cup campaign. The neighborhood did see its first new condo development in 15 years, but this comment left by Clamdigger1 says more about the area than any real estate project: "I'm not sure who died and left all these judgmental commenters boss to decide which neighborhoods are contest worthy. As far as who is voting and why: City Islanders' reach is far and wide. The neighborhood roots spread worldwide and votes are coming in through a network of Lifelong connections. THAT is community. THAT is neighborhood and one worthy of a vote for exactly that reason. [...] Good luck City Island. You've been a NY neighborhood longer than most of the others and are overdue for your close up."

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