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$9.45M Lenox Hill Townhouse Still Kind of Overdoing It

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Former American Express Centurion Bank CEO Frank Skillern listed his Lenox Hill townhouse back in April for $10.45 million and the house lingered on the market for six months without finding a buyer (can't imagine why) before it was delisted in October. Now it's back, with the asking price reduced by $1 million to $9.45 million. Many owners might have used the intervening months to remodel a little and make the house more palatable to prospective buyers. But most owners also would not have coated the insides of their houses with decorative columns, chandeliers, a black marble-floored cabaret, etc. in the first place, so maybe it's not especially useful to consider what most owners would have done. Anyway, the place is back, completely unchanged, waiting for another musical theater-loving CEO to take it off Skillern's hands.

· Listing: 127 East 62nd Street [Elliman, via Streeteasy]
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