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30 Hudson Yards Tower Will Feature Mysterious 'Thrill Device'

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The Posts' Lois Weiss reports that 30 Hudson Yards, the Hudson Yards megaproject's second tower and eventual home of Time Warner, will feature a mysterious "thrill device." Related Hudson Yards Jay Cross told attendees at a Young Mens'/Womens' Real Estate luncheon last month that "You can choose to pay for it separately and crap your pants." He has remained tight-lipped ever since, leaving Weiss to speculate that the attraction will be a glass walkway connected to the tower's 1,000-foot-high outdoor observation center, similar to the ones in the Willis Tower and John Hancock Tower in Chicago. The Kohn Pedersen Fox-designed 30 Hudson Yards will rise to 1,337 feet, with the observation deck located on the 75th floor.

That sounds good and all, but we're still hoping for one of those bungee slingshots. Or maybe a zip line between 30 Hudson Yards and 10 Hudson Yards? Come on, Related, you know you want to.
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