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Ginormous Walker Tower Combo Apartment To Seek $44.5M

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Last month's $40.73 million sale of Walker Tower's Penthouse Two marked the selling-out of the converted Art Deco telephone building with a bang. But it won't remain fully-sold for long. A new, similarly extravagant combination apartment will soon come to market. The combo 18A/C is being offered by owner Elliott Joseph, a principal at development firm Property Markets Group, the Journal reports. When asked why he waited to list the units, Joseph responded that he "didn't want to be in competition" with the penthouse. Combined, the apartment will have 6,975 square feet of indoor space and about 980 square feet of outdoor space over three terraces. The $44.5 million price tag—the second largest the building's seen after its $50.9 million Penthouse One—actually works out to an economical $6,380/square foot which which is, believe it or not, a bargain compared to the $8,547/square foot price tag of Penthouse One.

UPDATE: The apartment is officially on the market.

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