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2014's Most-Viewed Properties; Fight to Beautify City Island

ALL OVER—StreetEasy has put together a list of the ten most-viewed properties on the site in 2014, and while some were expected—the $118.5 million three-apartment combo at the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park City, the $100 million CitySpire penthouse that has been languishing on the market for nearly 600 days—others were truly a surprise. Earning a spot on the list, a random $999,000 two-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, and a $2.5 million apartment at Harlem's The Adeline. Claiming top honors on the list, if its ordering is to be taken as significant, is the unsellable Sky Garage penthouse, which dropped its ask to $20 million in August (pictured above). See the rest of the list here. [StreetEasy]

CITY ISLAND—The Bronx enclave that has obtained Top Two status in the illustrious Curbed Cup is rallying behind another cause: beautifying the entry way to the island, whose appearance is currently marred by a dilapidated dock and a graffitied barge. Some residents believe the land could be used more productively, like to house concession for kayak and canoe rentals. The City Island Civic Association has submitted the idea to the Department of Environmental Conservation, but the land is owned privately. The association is rallying for the land to be transferred to the public. [NY1]

Someone, put it out of its misery and buy it.

200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York