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DoBro Building May Get This Unfortunate 7-Story Addition

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Developers Second Development Services and Heights Advisors filed plans in October for a "a vertical enlargement and conversion of [an] existing building" at 285 Schermerhorn Street, the current home of Brooklyn Community Services' Downtown Brooklyn offices. "Vertical enlargement," as it turns out, doesn't say the half of it. Renderings obtained by NY YIMBY show what basically amounts to a second seven-story building sitting on top of the original seven-story building. The two sections, one brick and one decidedly not brick, are certainly not communicating with each other, nor does it seem that architects GF55 Partners want them to. As the permits are still pending, this is likely a preliminary rendering, but still...yeesh. The newly formed mutant building would contain, according to the as-of-yet-unapproved permits, 106 apartments and some ground floor retail space.
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