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Williamsburg Housing Lottery Lures Thousands For 38 Units

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Over 70,000 people applied to live in one of the 38 apartments being offered at 59 Frost Street in Williamsburg through an affordable housing lottery, DNAinfo reports. That means that those who applied have a .05-percent chance of landing one of the pads near McCarren Park, which, according to this not-entirely-credible-looking website, is about the same odds as striking it rich on Antiques Roadshow. (And really, who hasn't fantasized about that?)

The new building between Leonard and Lorimer streets has 47 apartments in total, 8 of which will be reserved for the developmentally disabled and one for a super. Studios will rent from $640 per month, one-bedrooms from $689, and two-bedrooms from $835. People who earn 50 to 80 percent of the area median income will qualify for the apartments, with preference given to locals. The building will have amenities like a community room, outdoor space with a playground, bicycle parking and a laundry room, says DNAinfo.
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