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After Selling In February, Chelsea House Wants $3.2M More

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At first glance, one might think the townhouse at 462 West 25th Street has a long and interesting history, but despite its historic looks, the structure is only in its 40s. Built sometime in the 1970s, it was originally used as a parking garage, and it was converted to a single-family home in the aughts. The inside doesn't quite match the outside in charm, but at 5,148 square feet, it offers plenty of space. A three-story addition brought the house to six stories (plus a roof deck and finished basement, so eight total levels), and it has an elevator, garage, six terraces, and seven bathrooms. The asking price is $7.2 million, which is a pretty hefty number considering it just sold in February for $4 million, and there have been no significant changes. Good luck.

· Listing: 462 West 25th Street [Town via StreetEasy]