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The 7 Most Captivating Contemporary Homes of the Year

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THE CITY—Last week, we dug through the archives and pulled together a selection of the most beautiful homes throughout the city that have come onto our radar this year. Some readers pointed out that the properties chosen skewed towards the traditional, what with their moldings, fireplaces, arched windows, and things of the like. So to prove that our fine city has its fair share of eye-popping modern architecture, too, here are a few adventures in contemporary interior design that caught our eye this year. Have another nomination? Leave it in the comments.

LINCOLN SQUARE—The Lincoln Square Synagogue, which this year underwent a CetraRuddy renovation, has earned a distinction from Faith & Form, a publication devoted to the design of worship spaces, honoring the synagogue as one of "the best in architecture, liturgical design and art for religious spaces." See the space, below. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]