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Affordable Harlem Rental Plays Hostel, Illegally Asks $199/Bed

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Next on the ever-growing list of apartments illegally masquerading as hostels is this three-bedroom pad on Lexington Avenue and East 122nd Street, where beds are going for $199 a night via, NYDN reports. What's worse is that the apartment is in an affordably-priced building, meaning it seems that whomever is renting it is making a mean profit by illegally subletting an apartment that is needed direly by someone else. And beyond the fact that this situation is egregiously dismissive of the law, $199 a night for a bunk bed in East Harlem is really expensive, no?

The apartment is one of 119 in the 134-unit building that rents for 60-percent of the area median income, or $11,670 for a single-person household or $23,850 for a family of four. NYDN discovered that apartment 6G rents for $1,107 a month. Judging from the pictures included with the ad for the beds (of which there are an indeterminate amount), the monthly rent can be made up in far less than even a week in the bunk bed-heavy home. NYDN reports that the building's landlord is taking steps to shutter the illegal hostel. The apartment is being rented out by management firm Hostel Hive.
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